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25-Mar-2015  - deVere reveals its role in exposing alleged investment fraud
17-Feb-2015  - deVere clients to receive up to 76.00% as Morgan Stanley 19% Auto Note Matures
03-Mar-2015  - 59% of Britain’s over 50s consider retirement abroad
12-Feb-2015  - Political rhetoric on tax avoidance is ‘disingenuous’
23-Mar-2015  - ‘Mismanaged’ rollout of pension reforms could affect half a million people
17-Mar-2015  - What makes the investors’ Budget 2015 wish list?
13-Mar-2015  - deVere clients to receive up to 76% as Morgan Stanley Autocallable Note Matures
03-Mar-2015  - deVere clients to receive up to 11.40% as Goldman Sachs Developed Markets Note Matures
23-Mar-2015  - deVere urges caution: Don’t read too much into new FTSE highs
10-Mar-2015  - Hoping for inheritance tax threshold to come down is ‘unwise’

deVere Group is the world’s leading independent international financial consultancy. Our fully trained financial consultants keep our clients at the centre of their operations and tailor each financial plan to each individual’s needs. Financial advisers at deVere offer expatriates top quality investment planning solutions worldwide.

Very few people make time to continuously monitor their finances and investment capital. Yet, it is something that is absolutely vital to safeguard your funds and make sure they’re gaining the necessary returns you need, all through the help and guidance of a financial adviser.

At deVere Group, our consultants strive to make clients feel absolutely secure with their financial decisions. Our professionally trained financial advisers know that every client is different, with his/her own personal financial needs and aspirations. That is why our financial advisory services are carried out via a number of one-to-one meetings which make sure that the best solution for them is found.

To ensure that the financial path we are monitoring is one you and your loved ones feel comfortable with, your wealth manager will constantly keep you up-to-date. Furthermore, your financial adviser will help you to make the best financial decisions by providing impartial advice on QROPS pension transfers, FATCA, inheritance tax planning, education fee planning, and any other matters related to personal financial planning.

Our financial advisers always keep our clients up to speed about the risks posed by dubious investments, as well as potential and known scams. To certify that clients are always up to date we have also set up the deVere Group scam blog which is updated on a regular basis with reports about dubious actions in the marketplace.


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deVere CEO Nigel Green

The CEO of deVere, Nigel Green, is the founder and the driver of the deVere Group, the World’s Largest Independent Financial Consultancy with a truly global presence.

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